Should your organisation be jumping on this bandwagon?  What will the costs be? What will the cost savings be?  We undertake a business wide review of current dispute resolution practices, from the genesis of disputes to lessons learned afterwards.  We use our proprietary Mediation Costs Savings Model to demonstrate the bottom-line value.

Legal Development

This is the easy part.  Working with your legal team or otherwise, we can help you to ensure that your contracts – with staff, suppliers and customers, are best configured to match your new mediation embracing strategy.

Online Mediation

Together in one room is good, but if for whatever reason that is not possible, we find Zoom a great platform to hold virtual mediations. We can all talk together, along with your lawyers and advisers, as well as breaking into breakout rooms for confidential caucus meetings. We can also all share documents and even draft agreements together on sreen.